Hey guys! I didn’t write about this yesterday because I was actually moving out of the dorms, which is a real pain in the ass especially if you just have to move back in to a new dorm room in a few months.

Anyway, most people hope when moving into the dorms that they will become good friends with the people they are living with and the school sets up the process so you at least have a fighting chance. If you start the school year in the fall you get to go through the roommate search process. The site takes into account all the information you put in about yourself and then gives you a list of the people who are closest matched to you. Now if you come to the school starting in spring, like I did, you just get put a room where ever there is an empty spot.

My dorm experience completely sucked. I had absolutely nothing in common with my roommates, they were all complete slobs, and they had all been living together since the fall. They knew each other well and had taken over the whole apartment. I basically spend the past four months living in my half of the room like a hermit.

So because of this horrible experience i thought i would give some tips for living in the dorms.

Dorm life tip #1:

Start in the fall. You have a better chance of at least having something in common with the people you will be spending a majority of your time with. If you can’t start in the fall then try and get to know your roommates ASAP. Wait too long and it just gets awkward, kinda like you moved into an apartment you found an add for on craigslist or something. (Think New Girl except they don’t become your friends and play fun drinking games)

Dorm life tip #2:

No matter when you start living there, MAKE A CHORE CHART! I cannot stress that enough!

Dorm life tip #3:

Really think through what type of dorm room your want. First time freshman don’t really have a choice and have to stay in the classic dorm room in the residence halls which are just one room with two beds, two desks with chairs, four drawers each and two closets, with a community bathroom I’m assuming on each floor. Then there are the double apartments which is where i stay this past semester. It has the apartment feel with a living room, dining area, kitchen, three bedrooms and two bathrooms. There are six people living in the apartment with two people to each room. (If you don’t like sharing your space, don’t pick this option.) Lastly there are the single apartments, four bedrooms, two bathrooms, living and dining area, and kitchen. These have one person per bedroom.

Dorm life tip #4:

Get a meal plan! You have to when living in the dorms but actually use it is more what I’m trying to say. The have good food and you can eat as much as you want while your in there. I don’t recommend the pizza, its not very good. (Thats just me though.)

Dorm life tip #5:

If you can, do your laundry at home. At the dorms you have to pay for it. You can leave and go back to your dorm and wait for them to be done, but personally I don’t trust some people and wouldn’t want to leave my clothes there. Plus why spend the money, in quarters i might add, when you can do them for free at home.


There you have it. Those are the only things I can think of at the moment. I hope they help!

One more thing, any of the dorming options are crazy expensive so maybe just commute from home or just live in an apartment or rent a room that isn’t affiliated with the school.

Here’s to hoping next semester is better!




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