Hey guys! I’m here to talk about the hobby of mine that takes up all my spare time: reading. Yes, I am a fan of books and read all the time. I am the outlier here because I don’t know many people who actually like to read. What type of books do I like to read, well let’s see, adventure, mystery, crime, and of course romance. Now even though I mostly get all my books from amazon using the kindle app on my phone and my kindle paper white, nothing compares to actually reading a real life book. The whole thing in your hands and actually flipping the pages. (I say this because the first time a read a real book after I got my kindle, I kid you not, I pressed down on the side of the page to turn it like you do on my kindle. I felt so stupid.)

Now most if not all of my books are romance or have some romantic element in it. I am a hopeless romantic and it has probably given me unrealistic expectations for future relationships, but at least I am admitting it now and isn’t that the first step to recovery? Anyway, back to what I was saying, romance books are dependable because they all pretty much have the same layout.

  1. Background of the main character (usually a girl) and what they are doing now.
  2. Girl meets guy and/or reconnects with someone they knew years before
  3. Feelings develop and things are good
  4. BAM! Secrets are revealed or something pulls them apart. (usually a misunderstanding or lack of communication)
  5. Both people are miserable for a period of time
  6. Happily ever after

Even though they are pretty predictable, they never get old to me. The best part though is finding a book that even though it follows this pattern, it manages to surprise me.

Now the best type of book , no matter what genre, are the kind of book where the writing and imagery is so good that you completely lose yourself in it. The ones where you actually feel what the characters are feeling. You feel sad when they are, mad when they are, happy when they are. You laugh when they are ecstatic or cry when they are devastated. Those are the books I love. Finding them is hard sometimes, but I have a couple of authors I love whose books get me every time.

  • Jillian Dodd – read the “That Boy” series
  • Shelly Crane – read the “Significance” series
  • Kelly Elliot – read the “Broken” series & then the “Love Wanted in Texas” series
  • Allie Everhart – read the “Jade” series
  • Ellie Grace – read any of her books
  • Cassandra Clare – read the “Mortal Instruments” series
  • Julie Prestsater – read the “Double Threat” series & then the “Against the Wall” series

Those are just a few of my favorites.

TIP: If you want to get news on books of your favorite genre or authors that have gone down in price on Amazon or iBooks, use bookbub.com

Let’s bring back books people because if the apocalypse really does happen, the electricity will be one of the first things to go and books will be some of the only things left.



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