Hey guys! So first things first, I kinda sorta didn’t keep my promise. I said I was gonna write more and i haven’t. (Which is never gonna help me realize my dreams of being a famous blogger.) Anyway today’s blog is about how the summer is almost over. With the end of sun and fun brings work and school and more responsibilities.

My new job is at a nail salon. I am a receptionist. The cool and unique thing about this nail salon though is that they serve beer and wine, which turns me into a quasi bartender as well. (another unrealized dream of mine.  something i have kinda always wanted to try.) This salon because they serve alcohol, you can only come in if you are 21 and over, even if you aren’t going to drink. This leads to a nice adult clientele.

The fall semester at CSUF starts a little under a month and I am actually kind of excited about it. I will finally be starting my classes toward my major. It’s time for some fun to begin. Now the only challenge is getting my writing in my classes to be as free from judgement as my writing on here. You guys don’t judge me right?  Another thing I am excited about for school is seeing my friends again. They live by school and I’ve been back home for the summer so I haven’t seen a lot of them.


Now for a summer review:

I went to New York for a week and solidified my desire to live there.

I went to the beach at least one time. Yes I know living on the west coast I should definitely be going all the time but the fact that I got out there at all is saying something. Trust me.

Obsessed over somebody else’s love life. Thank you Jojo, I look forward to seeing which guy you end up with on the season finale of The Bachelorette next week.

Continued my obsession of four pretty girls who can not and will not just take their problems to the police like everybody else. Pretty Little Liars I am looking at you.

Went with the trends and have participated in a little Pokemon Go action. Ash, Brock, and Misty I will love you forever. #TeamOG

Fan-girled  over my favorite musician tweeting me about his favorite of his old blog posts and proceeded to read every single post.

Lastly, watched/read every and all comic-con related snaps, tweets and articles I could get my hands on so it would seem like I was there. I had a serious case of FOMO. I have absolutely no shame about it!


That’s it guys. Hope your summer was everything you wished for. I would love to hear about it!



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