Hey guys! So I just found out that the last day to register to vote is tomorrow. This is concerning my followers who live here in this scary place called the USA. (thats a whole other topic)

Anyway, so should you register to vote? Now I might be talking to myself here because I have no idea if any of the like 7 of you who follow me even live here.

Personally, I am not voting this year and it’s the first year that I can vote for the presidency. Why aren’t I voting, let me tell you.

  1. I had to take a test in a past history class to find out if you are more liberal or conservative and I literally land smack dab in the middle. You can look at that as you agree with some things from both sides or you just can’t make up your mind and either one of those is fine.
  2. I honestly don’t really believe my vote matters as much as everyone is trying to say it does. They teach you all through school that each state as a number of representatives called the Electoral College. These representatives are suppose to cast their vote for each state as a whole based on what they think the state wants. So if California’s votes come to a close and the majority is for say the democratic candidate then the electoral college is suppose to vote democrat and vice versa. Now that’s how its suppose to go, but not how it has to go. They could in theory vote however they wanted. This makes me believe that my one little vote doesn’t actually count.
  3. My vote probably wouldn’t be honest. Just like everything else from who you choose to spend time with to who you vote for on Dancing With The Stars, has to do with popularity, or lack there of. Now in the case of DWTS you might actually vote for someone because they danced great but you are fooling yourself if you think it has nothing to do with that celeb you like or the pro dancer you have a crush on.(Derek Hough I’m looking at you lol) The same goes for the presidential candidates. I am not really into politics, but I know that if I were to vote I probably wouldn’t vote for Donald Trump and to be honest, I know that some of that is because I don’t like him as a person and it has nothing to do with his politics. The same goes for people who wouldn’t vote for Hilary. It all comes down to likability.

Okay, sorry about the rant. I think if you feel compelled to vote then go do it! It is 100% up to you.

There is a module at the bottom of my page so you can click/ copy and paste on the link here: http://registertovote.ca.gov

Good luck guys! Happy Voting!



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