Hey guys! Today I’m talking music. Not just any music but my favorite musician. His name is Alexander DeLeon. He is the lead singer of the band The Cab and he is now working on a solo album under the name Bohnes. Let me tell you about how I got into his music.

I’m almost positive it was my junior year of high school and I was listening to Pandora, more specifically Cartel radio. While I was listening, this song came on titled “Bad” and it was by The Cab. I love the song and would then listen to it constantly. The only thing about it was that it was in the genre of alternative which back then wasn’t really the type of music I listened to and the only reason I was even listening to Cartel radio was because my friend jus went to their concert. Anyway, it wasn’t until my senior year that I told a couple of my friends about this song by The Cab that I loved and they had actually heard of them and encouraged me to listen to more of their songs. From there it was history. I was hooked.

The Cab has 2 albums and 1 EP out on iTunes and I have all of them. The music is great, but the lyrics are amazing. I listen to these songs and its like my escape which is what I think music should be. What’s amazing to me is that these are people’s emotions and they are sharing them with the world. I cannot get enough. I constantly listen to their albums and I know all the words.

Here are my favorite lyrics from my favorite of their songs:

“Lay down with me. Let me hold you. Baby just breathe.
This is ending and we will get through eventually” – Take My Hand (The Cab)


“I’ll run. Have a little faith in me. You’re scared and alone. And I’ll run
This is wear we both break free. I’ll bring you home” – I’ll Run (The Cab)


“And baby I’m living louder
And dreaming longer, tonight
(We’re living louder, we’re living louder)
And baby I’m fighting harder
And loving stronger tonight
(We’re loving stronger, we’re loving stronger)” – Living Louder (The Cab)


“Yeah, the ink may stain my skin
And my jeans may all be ripped
I’m not perfect, but I swear
I’m perfect for you
 And there’s no guarantee
That this will be easy
It’s not a miracle ya need, believe me
Yeah, I’m no angel, I’m just me
But I will love you endlessly
Wings aren’t what you need, you need me” – Endlessly (The Cab)

“But I refuse to let you make me feel like I can’t fly
Not only will I soar again, I’ll own the fucking sky” – Middle Finger (Bohnes)

“Living like a riot
Setting off the sirens
Fists are clinched, I’m fighting
Soul has been ignited
Ain’t got time for dying
I’m too busy thriving
More than just surviving
Heart is beating violent” – Middle Finger (Bohnes)

That’s it guys. Go ahead and give them a listen. I swear you won’t regret it.

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