Does Love Really Cost Nothing?

In life, we are looking for that special someone that make our hearts race, palms sweat, breath hitch and lips part. We wait and wait and wait, but what exactly are we waiting for? The perfect person to just walk into our lives and we’ll just know? If I want to find the one, or something close to it in the meantime, what do I have to give up to find it? While personality is one of the most important things in a person shouldn’t I be attracted to them as well? For men, it seems easy, find anyone who will give you want you want, sex perhaps, and when it gets time to be serious find the perfect person who checks every item on your list. For women, those guys that seem like they have every item are the ones who are just looking for sex. So what I’m asking is…should we have to settle for something less than what we want?


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