Here We Are Now, Entertain Us.

Hey guys!

We are diving right in and taking a look at the series finale of Teen Wolf.

A little background doesn’t hurt though.

The show started back in 2011 and was about a teenage boy, Scott McCall (Tyler Posey), who gets bitten by a werewolf and with the help of his friend, Stiles (Dylan O’Brien), navigate the woes of high school and supernatural bullies all while keeping his secret.

The show ran for six seasons finally ending on September 24, 2017.

Samantha Highfill,, sits down with the creator to talk about the final episode. “This finale did feel different than most Teen Wolf finales. It was almost less conclusive… ‘That was very specific. We didn’t want a finale that said “the end.” We wanted it to be an “and the adventure continues…” I like imagining that they’re going off to continue the fight. I didn’t want to see an end where they all have children and they’re happy and at home. That felt anticlimactic to me.'”

Gabe Bergado,, talks of the finale coming full circle for the series. “‘We had started breaking this story during the election, and I said to the writers [that] I had this idea to make Scott and the other supernaturals pariahs in Beacon Hills to cast them as the ‘other’ again, and to make the real enemy this season humanity and other people. And take an idea where Gerard comes in and takes advantage of that. So it’s definitely influenced by current events.’ By doing this, it brought the show full circle. For Jeff, the show has always been about the outsider and feeling like an outsider, so the division between humans and the supernaturals allowed them to make that theme meaningful for the characters.”

I didn’t start watching the show until a few months ago. I watched the entire thing on Amazon, just in time to watch the ending live with many other loyal fans. I only have one thing to say about it, I was not disappointed.



70/ 30

Friendships are like relationships. They take work, communication, love…but lately they just seem hard. Have you ever felt like you give more than you get? That people take and take and take from you without giving anything back but your okay with that because that’s just the kind of person you are? Well that is me. I have some friends that I feel like they would never make an extra effort for me and I am the kind of person that would still try and bend over backwards if they need me. I am so sick of feeling this way. I just want some friends who will be there for me WHENEVER I need them and me in return. Is it too much to ask for friendships to be an equal 50/50?



On The Verge.

Today is the day. I knew it was coming. I was dreading it. Although still hopeful that it wouldn’t. Getting the text was like ice rushing through my veins. “She’s having a really hard time right now..” I knew what was happening before I even finished reading. Depression. Again. It’s something that has been happening with my mom since I was 16. We have been on a good streak. She has been happy. Funny. Silly. Now?

I called her between classes. Crying. She believes she is a failure. I tell her she’s not. She says sorry for every little thing, even crying. I tell her she doesn’t have to. It doesn’t help/.

Hands shaking as I write this and I feel the same way I do every. single. time. this happens. I’m 21 years old and I’m scared to “lose” my mom. That is exactly how it feels.

Sounds a little selfish of me considering everything she is going through right now. I just know I will be the only one to see it all and the only one to pick up the pieces. Everyone else like to give her a big enough radius. As if they will catch it or something if they get to close. I hate that they aren’t there for her.



Let’s Get Intimate.

Hey guys! So it’s almost been a month since I have posted anything and I feel terrible. I’ve been really busy and uninspired. Anyway, I am sad to say I am almost done with this series because I am on my second to last post of the things I wrote in the past. This gives me an unique opportunity to not only continue to express my feelings in this series, but the things I will be posting will be about how I’m feeling currently. All of the words in this series I have posted so far had been in the past, the latest being 3 years ago. So here is the second to last post of the past.

“Rejected…just rejected.”

Short and sweet.